The celebration was organized under the supervision of professors and students of the university’s medical faculties (medicine – medical laboratory sciences – and nursing sciences) and the honor of attending
Dr.. Sir Al-Khatim Ismail Sri, Deputy Secretary General of the Sudanese Diabetes Association. The Secretary General of the Diabetes Program Promotion Organization. And dr. Faten Yahya Kazim, Coordinator of Medical Professions Councils at the Council of Medical Specialties and the Vice-President of Ibn Sina University, Professor Muzammil Abu al-Qasim, and the Director of Public Relations of SRM Indian University in Sudan. And with the participation of Al-Shahba Medical Equipment Company.
The program contained educational lectures for diabetics. Free clinics and examinations for diabetics. Exhibitions, contests and prizes.
The Program also included practical training on how to inject insulin and take care of diabetic foot. The program targeted university employees; students, their families, and residents of the Shambat area, adjacent to the university’s buildings, as part of the university’s social responsibility

Mashreq University - Diabetes Day 02Mashreq Unviersity - Diabetes 01


Mashreq Unviersity - Diabetes Day 03

Mashreq University - Diabetes Day 04


Mashreq University - Diabetes Day 05


About Mashreq University Multimedia

The Multimedia is considered to be the most effective means for searching and transferring of information. Mashreq University has pioneered the higher education institutions by introducing the multimedia studies; in response to the growing demand for experts in the developing and complex nature of the multimedia programs.

Multimedia is the field related to authoring contents using computer; combining texts, (still or moving images) graphics, drawings, audio and animations. The information/content in the multimedia can be represented through digital media (audio, video and animation) in contrast to traditional media. Multimedia technology applies interactive computer elements into a single form to deliver the message. Multimedia presentations may be viewed by person on stage, projected, transmitted, or played locally with a media player. A broadcast may be a live or recorded multimedia presentation. The various formats of technological or digital multimedia aims at enhancing the users’ experience by conveying information easier and faster, The multimedia program enables students to learn how to use computer applications to create interactive materials. Students are trained in different graphics software like Adobe Creative Suite, which includes Photoshop, Flash, Illustrator and Dreamweaver. Besides this, they will also learn design techniques using 3D and 2D Graphics animation.



Degree in multimedia diploma and Multimedia bachelor will offer students multiple options of job opportunities in web designing, computer games designing, advertising graphics, animation and new media. Multimedia professionals are also recruited in schools, publishing houses, films and video conferencing. Multimedia developers on the other hand can also work as flash developers, publishers, graphic artists, sound experts, animators, authors/content providers, project managers and media researchers. One can work as freelancer as well where multimedia industry has plenty of creative graduates who work individually



Successfully obtaining The Sudan High School Certificate or its equivalent in scientific studies or techno-industrial studies. Obtaining of pass marks in the four compulsory subjects (English language, Arabic language, Religion studies and additional mathematics). For Scientific collages: obtaining pass marks in Physics, Chemistry and one of the following subjects: Computer studies, engineering


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Thiruvambadi (Thiruvambady) Sri Krishna Temple is in Shornur Road, Thrissur, Kerala, South India. Its around 1km away from Vadakkunnathan Temple. This temple is one of the main participants of Thrissur Pooram, one of the biggest festivals in Kerala. Unnikrishna – (Lord Krishna in an infant form) and Goddess Bhagavathy are the main deities. There is also sub deities – Dharmasastha, Ganesha, Kukshi Ayyapa, Manikanda, Ghandakarna, Rakteshwari and Bhairava.

You can only enter the inner sanctum of the temple by wearing mundu and removing your shirt. No modern dresses likes pants are allowed.

These photos were taken on the occassion of Poomkunnam Desa Pattu as part of Vela festival on 3rd Jan 2019.

These photos were taken on the occassion of Chirakkal Desa Pattu as part of Vela festival on 4th Jan 2019.

These photos were taken on the occassion of Vadakke Angadi Desa Pattu as part of Vela festival on 5th Jan 2019.

These photos were taken on the occassion of Vela festival on 6th Jan 2019.

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