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In autumn trees look gorgeous. But it is impossible to wait for the period to take a photograph of the tree.

What you can take for your photography

You are free to use wide-angle to the shorter telephoto camera. Compact camera is also available for you. As in dark forest light is unsatisfactory, you should take a tripod must. It is important to take all essential materials with you when you are going for a long day tour. You can use a bag with huge space and many pockets that will ensure your essential things with you.

Go for wood

Trees are not rare. They are available on our roads and garden. The tree beside your house cannot be a good object at all. You must go outside for better snaps. Before dragging your tripod please check is the garden or forest is suitable for using tripod or not. For working on a group of trees it is convenient to take the overall scene where as you can crop the image when you need an ulterior look.

You should go at proper time

Light is an important factor in photography. Low light and high bright light is not good. So it is better to start early or wait for the sun goes down slightly. It is not convenient to take photographs on a cloudy day though it is good for some special cases.

Add texture and select the proper pattern

If you want to work with a single tree I suggest you to go as close as possible. You should focus the trunk and at the same tilt up to get a view with some texture.

Man made item

If you take some man made things in your coverage area it will enhance the beauty of your photography. But the color of the object should match with the soft nature.

When leaves are your target

You should go for leaf and canopy area when the sky remains apparent and blue. The contrasting ability between blue and green is pretty good. So, you can go for more details in leaves. You should not take the photo of a bug chewed leaf. When you need to get closer to the object, use micro lenses of 100 mm of diameter. On the other hand when you need more interpretation it is convenient to use an extension tube or coupling rings on two lenses.

Don’t use thick leaves or leaves of the same pattern. For this your photo looks gloomy and repetitive.

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