We have a combined experience of more than 35 years between us. The people behind Cam Shots are:

Binil – He is an expert in computer networks with 10+ years experience. He is the creator of websites like freecloudhost.org, rockr.info, freeopenarticles.org etc. He is also currently in charge of administering this site.
Contact – 9895546992

Sreesanth – With 11+ years of experience in various fields like Electronics, Communication and Multi media – Sreesanth is fine blend of talent and experience.
Contact – 9746294100

Biju – He is a financial expert with 15+ years of experience and is in charge of all money related matters involving our firm.
Contact – 9895790340

We have also created a website – mobileshots.org for displaying the pictures taken by anyone using their mobile cameras or other cameras.

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