Gales Creek, Tillamook State Forest, Oregon

The Tillamook State Forest is a 364,000 acres (1,470 km2) publicly owned forest in the U.S. state of Oregon. Managed by the Oregon Department of Forestry, it is located 40 miles (64 km) west of Portland in the Northern Oregon Coast Range, and spans Washington, Tillamook, Yamhill, and Clatsop counties. The forest receives large amounts of precipitation and is dominated by Douglas-fir trees. Activities include commercial logging, recreation, and other commercial resource extraction activities such as mushroom hunting.

Gales Creek, Tillamook State Forest, Oregon

n 1997 Don Paulson turned his longstanding passion for photography into a full-time profession, specializing in nature and travel photography. Dons’ images are marketed worldwide by leading stock agencies, and are regularly reproduced in a wide variety of printed publications and on-line applications. He is represented by SuperStock, Danita Del imont Stock Agency and Alamy Stock Agency.Don Paulson – Nature Photographer living in Seabeck, Washington

With an emphasis toward health care and Evidence Based Design, Don’s restorative images of nature with calming palettes of blues and greens are widely used in hospital settings and medical facilities throughout the west and southwest. His compelling fine-art prints are also displayed in many corporate and private collections.

Check out Don’s “Nature for Healing” slideshow designed to reduce stress in hospital waiting rooms.

Don is well versed in color theory and its practical applications. He has been Staff Photographer and has provided photographs for several books on the meanings and uses of color.Don and his partner Kathy, have photographed in many exotic locales.

Taking special pleasure in teaching photography, Don conducts a menu of boat-based photography tours in Washington, British Columbia and Alaska. He also conducts a variety of photography workshops and offers private tutoring sessions at his studio in Seabeck, Washington.

Don is a sought-after speaker for regional photography conventions, events and college photography classes.

Working in the complex and rapidly changing world of digital photography is Don’s forte. The work he produces are from professional quality, high-resolution digital files taken exclusively with professional Canon digital cameras and lenses.

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