Hoar-Frosted Window, Byske, Västerbotten, Sweden

Byske is a locality situated in Skellefteå Municipality, Västerbotten County, Sweden with 1,728 inhabitants in 2010

Skellefteå Municipality (Swedish: Skellefteå kommun) is a municipality in Västerbotten County in northern Sweden. Its seat is located in Skellefteå.Most of the amalgamations leading to the present municipality took place in 1967 when the then “City of Skellefteå” was merged with the rural municipality by the same name and also with the municipalities Jörn, Bureå and Byske. The enlarged city became a municipality of unitary type with the new local government act in 1971, and in 1974 the municipalities Burträsk and Lövånger were added.

Västerbotten County (Västerbottens län) is a county or län in the north of Sweden. It borders the counties of Västernorrland, Jämtland, and Norrbotten, as well as the Norwegian county of Nordland and the Gulf of Bothnia.

Hoar-Frosted Window, Byske, Västerbotten, Sweden

Peter was born in 1966 in the village of Byske, 30 km north from the town Skellefteå, in northern Sweden. He is presently living at a small village located close to Skellefteå.
He works as a freelance photographer and writer specializing in wildlife.
In 1996, he won the Swedish Nature Photographers and Kodak award and is today a member of the association The Swedish Nature Photographers/N.
He has twice been awarded first prizes in the BBC global contest “Wildlife Photographer of the year”. In 2002 in the category “In Praise of Plants” and 2004 in the category “From Dusk to Dawn”.

Working worldwide, he has in recent years visited Japan, Madagascar, Kenya, Borneo, Costa Rica, Canada and other countries.
The photographic agencies marketing and selling his pictures are as follows:

• Getty Images, UK
• The Nature Photographers Photo Agency, Sweden
• Animals/animals, USA
• AGE Fotostock, Spain
• Imagestate, UK

In addition to his collaboration with photographic agencies, Peter sells stock photographs and undertakes assignments.

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