Welcome to Cam Shots. We hope that this site will become the ultimate platform to show the talent of both professional and upcoming film makers, videographers and photographers. This is also suitable for studios to showcase their work.

We will provide each studio/individual with a separate page to showcase their work. Quite simply each one will have a separate page like http://camshots.org/yourname
If you are from a school or college, we will create a page for your school or college.

Completely Free
Each one of you need not spend your precious money and time for domain and hosting. We will showcase your work for free.

This site is responsive – that is, this site can be viewed by using all types of devices – including PC’s, tablets or even smart phones. The site is designed to adjust dynamically to each device.

Cloud Support
This site is hosted in cloud environment for security and further protection is provided by cloudflare.

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