How To Create Interesting Effects With The Canon 0345B002 Lens

Canon’s introduction of telephoto lenses with variable shutter speeds and image stabilizing technology has given less experienced photographers the ability to be more creative. The learning curve involved in using shutter speeds and focus is less steep when there is an image stabilizer built into the lens. Slow shutter speeds can often result in motion blur when used by novices, and the 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM Telephoto Zoom Lens (0345B002) makes learning easier by eliminating much of this problem.

Nature photographers are increasingly recognizing the power of telephoto lenses. They can capture more detail in landscapes and can bring small objects nearer. Whilst landscape photographers generally prefer wide angle zoom lenses, the high impact effects and epic impact of telephoto lenses have become more popular.

Telephoto lenses are the only tools able to bring far off objects closer. Landscape photographs are often made more interesting by the smaller details they include. Animals, signs and fences can all add more atmospheric effects, and this makes magnification an important tool.

Perspective can be manipulated using telephoto imagery. Wide angle lenses have a tendency to push backgrounds farther away and pull foregrounds in closely. Telephoto lenses do the opposite, which turns background items into major players in the image. This can be used creatively to change a photograph’s mood.

Graphic lines and textural details can be captured with more clarity using telephoto imagery. They have a narrow viewpoint which allows one to choose smaller parts of a landscape. This gives photographers greater freedom and control over the details and items they want to place in the image.

Images appear to be flatter when taken with telephoto lenses. Big items must be photographed from further away if their stature is to be captured. Photographs taken like this using telephoto lenses make the foreground details seem smaller. This places more emphasis on the image’s larger objects.

More commonly, telephoto lenses are used to capture wildlife. They allow photographers to observe and capture animals without disturbing them. The inclusion of variable shutter speeds and image stabilizers helps one to capture the most light possible without risking motion blur.

Photographers struggle to reduce motion blur when learning to use slower shutter speeds. The effect of slow shutter speed is used by professionals to great effect. The movement from the former to the latter phase can take a long time, and be difficult to climb.

A steady hand and thorough understanding of how movement will reflect in the end photograph are required when mastering shutter speed manipulation. This becomes far simpler when there is an image stabilizer to counteract undesirable motion that could reduce the clarity of an image. Beginners can start playing with slow shutter speed effects far more simply when they are aided by an image stabilizer.

Layers can be used as a part of composition with a telephoto lens. Picture composition can be more interesting when perspective and depth are used. The lenses take away the surrounding sense of spaciousness whilst simultaneously giving far away items more stature. Canon’s 0345B002 is a good tool for nature photographers.

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