Misty Woods, California

G. Brad Lewis is internationally recognized as a leading volcano and nature photographer. His volcano images have appeared on the covers of a number of magazines, including Life, Natural History, Nature’s Best, Terra, Photographer’s Forum, Earth, and Geo, and within the pages of National Geographic, Time, Outside, Fortune, Newsweek, Stern, Men’s Journal, Islands, and many other publications. His most recent cover image is on National Geographics’ “Best Pictures of the Year”.

Brad’s photographs have received numerous awards and been widely exhibited. Interviews with Brad have been broadcast on the NBC Today Show, CBS Evening News, and several Discovery Channel programs. Print interviews and photo essays of his volcano photographs have been featured in many magazines, including Photo District News, DigitalFoto, Studio Photography & Design, and Outdoor Photographer.

Brad’s collection of fine art prints, “LavArt” are shown in exhibitions and exclusive galleries, and are displayed in museums, and corporate and private collections around the world. His work regularly appears in books, magazine, calendars, annual reports, catalogs, CD covers, greeting cards, posters, murals, television, and advertisements.

Inspired by beauty, variety, and adventure, Brad is based out of Hawaii, Utah, and Alaska, traveling several months each year to pursue his art.

Misty Woods, California

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