Mystical Light, Between Dorking and Merstham on the North Downs Way, England

My name is Roberto De Micheli, I am Italian, born in Cremona in 1969. I currently live and work in London (been here since 2002).

My passion for photography started late in my life.
Dad is a keen film photographer, but I have inherited his hobby just in 2001, when he lent me his first digital compact camera.
I have always worked in the IT sector and I guess that a thing which is essentially a small computer with a sensor and a lens just clicked with me!
Soon I decided to buy my own toy and then it has been an escalation till summer 2005, when I finally made the jump to the wonderful and expensive world of digital SLR (Single Lens Reflex) cameras.
Since then I have gone through 5 DSLR bodies and a number of lenses. In summer 2006 I got the Canon 5D, which was my third DSLR camera.

Mystical Light, Between Dorking and Merstham on the North Downs Way, England

My favourite subjects are, in order of preference:
People, wildlife (especially big cats, the bigger the better), macro (especially butterflies) and landscapes.
I also like cityscapes and everything that tickles my fancy 🙂
I love colours and light, the detail on the wing of a butterfly and the vastness of the view from a mountain.
I can wait for hours to catch a perfect sunset, or I can leave my hiking companions to chase a ray of sunlight stabbing through the clouds.
Recently I have been focussing more and more on fashion editorial photography.

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