Njanum (I too)

An award winning malayalam short film (direction and best actor) by ManuRaj V.R

Assistants : Jain, Nithin, Shimjith, Kiran
Stills: Sudheesh
Story: Lal krishna
Actors: Anoop, Nithin, Sudheesh, Jain, Shimjith, Vineeth, Kiran and Lal krishna
Camera, Editing and Direction: ManuRaj V.R

Our Review: We liked the dog being captured in the frames and showing off his thoughts. That was a bit different but very nice.

Here also we thought that a steadicam or camera stabilizer was required. We could be wrong – this movie was a freak effect, and perhaps the director may have actually wanted to have a shaky cam effect to suit the movie. Nice acting by everyone involved.

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