Yarra Ranges National Park, Australia

The Yarra Ranges National Park is a 76,003-hectare (187,810-acre) national park that is located in Victoria, Australia, approximately 92 kilometres (57 mi) east of Melbourne. Within the national park, the southern slopes of the Yarra Ranges form the headwaters of the Yarra River and several water catchments for Melbourne’s domestic water supply. The north–western slopes of the Yarra Range, also located within the national park, drain into the Goulburn River.

Whilst the park was established in December 1995, the area has been protected since the late 1880s as a catchment area for Melbourne’s water. Almost all of the park is closed to visitors for this reason, however the park is one of the most popular day trip destinations for Melbourne residents attracting approximately 800,000 visitors in 2002.

Logging occurs in much of the forest, including some of the water catchment areas.

Yarra Ranges National Park, Australia

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